A Patriot’s History of the United States

A Patriot’s History of the United States

The True History


I have had the extreme misfortune in my life of reading Howard Zinn’s anti-American diatribe, A People’s History of the United States, along with many other fictional accounts of historic events pushed by the left. In many ways Larry Schweikart and Michael Patrick Allen’s, A Patriot’s History of the United States, is both a mirror opposite and a commanding rebuttal of Zinn and the left’s dismal destruction of our true history.

The authors are upfront and open about their bias and premise. The academic left has completely rewritten our history from Columbus, to the New Deal, to the War on Terror. The authors intent is to go back to source material and retell the story. They are also unabashed about being in love with America and our story. Not in a way that presumes we are perfect but in a way that recognizes ours is a unique story, one that is overwhelmingly good and replete with examples of individuals finding their worse demons and trying to slay them with better angels.

This book is somewhat lengthy and covers a great deal. For those who are not used to very long works of history, don’t worry. Unlike many of those books, the language is accessible while Schweikart and Allen go to great lengths to remind you who the players are and how the events fit into context not only in the moment but throughout the larger historical story.One can easily pick the book up, thumb through to an area of interest and begin. Though I recommend reading the entire book cover-to-cover. Our story is an amazing one and the movement by the left to demonize and marginalize it is perplexing. The authors do a wonderful job of explaining their motives and where they have taken our collective understanding of these events off course.

Whether you are looking for a great introduction to American history or looking to test what you have been taught, this is a great work. More important, the story of America is a compelling one and this book is well worth the cost and time investment just to hear it, whether for the first time or to just to hear it again.

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