Why Conservative Will Unite Around Romney & How We Will Win

Why Conservative Will Unite Around Romney & How We Will Win


While Mitt Romney wasn’t the first choice of many, he will be the final choice. That truth has been clear for months, it just took time for some to come around to it. What will happen with all of us conservatives who swore up and down we wouldn’t vote for him? I predict we will not stay true to our word and instead send Romney to the White House with an ample majority in the House and Senate.

Yesterday Hilary Rosen helped give us another example of why we won’t hold back. Attacking Ann Romney’s decision to stay home and raise her children, the former shill for the recording industry thought she was continuing a line of attack started by her Party and furthered by the Obama machine; Republicans are waging a war on women. Instead she undermined their entire effort and previewed how low and vile the left will soon become.

Many in our Party are rightly concerned about Mitt Romney. We don’t trust that he will stick to conservative principals in the campaign and we fear what he will compromise on in the White House. There is an old proverb though, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. The Obama campaign is going to let us know in the next seven months we conservatives are the enemy. If he stays within a few inches of our message, Mitt Romney will be our friend.

Right now friends of the Obama administration are pushing the same tired messages of class, race and gender warfare. It is going to become an extremely ugly campaign. One where talk radio and Tea Parties are vilified. Where language is turned in on itself and redefined. Where those who long for liberty are imagined to be criminal and cruel. Where conservative women are given the same depraved treatment Sarah Palin was just four years ago and Republicans of any minority group are ridiculed akin to how Colin Powell was called a “house slave”.

Seven months of the Obama reelection campaign will divide this country but it will unite our party behind our candidate, who will take the brunt of their assault. The left will remind us on a daily basis why we cannot live with four more years of their rule and the right will rise a better force than it has ever been.

It is possibly Romney will deviate so far from where he is now that he will give us no choice but to abstain from voting. I find it unlikely, in the haze of horrendous attacks and the aftermath of Obama’s policies, that he will make a turn wide enough to block most conservatives from voting for him in November.

In life you can choose to sit on the sidelines and sulk when you are not given the result you want. Many I know have claimed they will make this choice and sit out the election. You could, alternatively, choose to take what you have been given and fight, not just the larger war but fight in other ways to turn the unwanted result into something better. I will always choose to fight and I know that most on my side will too.

Mitt Romney is not perfect, no human is. Ronald Reagan, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and all of our greatest leaders had to give in order to gain throughout their lives. The time is fast approaching for conservatives to make our peace with the hand we were dealt and to figure out how we can win with it.

For me that means sending Romney to Washington with a majority of patriotic conservatives in Congress. One that will force him to stay on the right road. That is how we turn a bad result into something that will further our message. That is how we conservatives will win and it is our beat hope of defeating the dishonest campaign and dystopian future the Democrats are taking us toward.

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