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With leaders like these

I have to admit that as a human being I have a crush on Sarah Palin. The woman is a dynamo and an amazing example for women. As a politician and the future Representative of the Party, well the jury is still out. She will rise or fall based on her ability. That ability needs to be further tested. With that said, she gained MAJOR points with me by shucking Party for principal this week, taking sides with the conservative candidate in NY-23 while the GOP itself and some of the major contenders for 2010 fell apart.

First and foremost, Newt Gingrich. While he is floating the notion of running for President, he basically sunk any tiny remaining morsel of respect I had for him. An adulterer and ravenous self promoter whose character defects are endless, and whose personal style often emulates the smug and condescending tone of the left, he is often a very tuff man to support. He sometimes has amazing ideas, he often has terrible ideas. You never quite know which Newt you are going to get. In NY-23, we got the loyal Party man without principal. His decision to back a pro-choice, socialist loved and ACORN loving RINO was terrible. His justification that we must submit to the will of local Party decisions and silence our opposition was even worse.

Two other figures are looming large in my mind though because right or wrong at least Newt took a stand. In a moment that could be defining, Mike Huckabee and Mitt Romney have disappeared from sight. Neither will go out on a limb for either candidate. The future of the Republican Party is being waged in NY-23 between conservatives and Party leaders. Where is Huckabee? Where is Romney?

I also gained respect for Fred Thompson who also weighed in on this race. Huckabee, Romney and Newt have made it clear they are looking to run in 2010 and Palin has made it clear she wants some kind of future. Thompson, I have no idea where he will be in the coming years, with that said he weighed in early and chose conservatism over Party. Kudos to him!

It is time to draw distinctions, time to find real leaders who stand for something. Huckabee and Romney seem repeatedly to be on the outside looking in on conservatives. Wanting desperately to court them and show off their credibility, but abandoning them or attacking when it is deemed politically expedient. They are politicians, this I know, so they are not to be trusted. With that said, they could at least do what is truly politically right and reach out to what is the majority of America.

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