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Steele’ing From The RNC

Let me start off by saying Michael Steele is a terrible leader of the RNC who continues to embarrass our Party every chance he gets. While he might not be personally responsible for the event, the latest RNC embarrassment is $2,000 spent at a bondage strip club as a reward to young donors. Not the worst thing in the world but not exactly the greatest use of donor money or organization time.

While this specific problem has been taken care of the media have raced to turn it into evidence that our entire Party is filled with hypocrites, lowlifes and reckless spenders. Frankly I have come to believe that is a fairly accurate description of the top brass in the RNC and more than a few elected Republicans. The people who make up our Party are wonderful, the people running it have proven a confederacy of dunces.

For some levity, I am positive one could rip through the finances of just about any organization and find purchases that are questionable in some way. I am also sure accounting is never perfect. On a scale, Halliburton losing a couple hundred million of taxpayers money is a big deal while a couple people at the RNC going a little loony with $2,000 is not so much. The person responsible was fired and life as we know it will continue. So as an individual issue, I don’t care, but is this evidence of a pattern?

Where we should find greater outrage is in the management of Michael Steele. There have been lingering questions about how effective Steele is overseeing the RNC coffers. Cash reserves have been drained on rising costs for meals, private jets and luxury hotels. This kind of spending creates a culture of waste and waste creates a culture of abuse. Frankly I am surprised the near $2,000 wasn’t a lot more. I am kind of surprised the RNC didn’t just buy a strip club because according to sources Steele DID suggest buying a private jet to cart him around to California. Yes, Steele seems to love going to California and Hawaii, where surely the future of the GOP rests…

Steele should have been fired a long time ago. The RNC would be wise to take him out now. Why so heavy a price? A leader who wastes won’t stop and the consequences will be felt for a long time. Most likely they will appear in the heat of 2010 and 2012 when we need solid leadership and a lot of money the most. Send him packing now when the damage will be least. Fire him now or be prepared to be disappointed time and again as embarrassing revelations like this appear over and over.

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