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Why We Should Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

This week the House of Representatives passed an amendment to their proposed budget stripping taxpayer support for Planned Parenthood. The move has been championed as a win for pro-life, though it likely won’t make it through the Senate.

In addition to ending taxpayer support of abortions funded by Planned Parenthood, it is also a commonsense end of waste. It is important to remember the organization receives a billion dollars a year from supporters and has repeatedly ended each year with millions in surpluses. Federal spending isn’t needed for the organization to function, nullifying calls from the left that this is an attempt to destroy it.

Forcing taxpayers to pay for abortion is, on its own, reason enough to end spending. Additionally the question must be asked, why should the federal government pay to provide contraception and family planning advice to citizens? Especially when the organization doing so is self-sustaining and flush with cash?

The answers are obvious, it is not the federal governments job and funding should end.

While it seems unlikely this will stick it is important move that Republicans should continue to champion. Ending this wasteful and immoral spending is not only good for the budget but for the conscience of all citizens.

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