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Moron Calls Scott Walker and then Journalism Dies a Little

So let me get this straight, a useless blogger from Buffalo calls Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s office and lies to his staff. His lies lead to a phone call with the governor. He proceeds to prank call him, recording his antics. Now, in the light of the media and the left, this all somehow reflects poorly on the Governor? What gives?

This isn’t the first and it won’t be the last time that a liberal, with a lot of extra time on their useless hands, prank calls a Republican. Every time it happens it makes national news and people like Jon Stewart have a field day playing “I gotcha” games. But how in the world is it at all the fault of the victim of the prank call or a poor reflection on them? They were lied to, nuff said.

Listen, it wasn’t like the call contained anything incendiary. Walker did not say anything out of step with what he says in public. There was no planned conspiracy, no seedy joke made. A busy guy took a call his staff said was someone he knew. He gave his staff and the person on the other end of the line the benefit of the doubt. What is the issue?

The blogger claimed to be some big muckety-muck with money. Somehow this has been twisted to say “hey look, this fat cat can get on the phone with the Governor real easy!” Considering the blogger had to go through two staff members, including the Chief-of-Staff, to get the governor on the line tells you something. The staff didn’t say: “Oh, you want Scott? Don’t you have his private number because you call him all the time? Aren’t you two going out to the yacht this afternoon?”

Our media has really hit rock bottom when they are reporting on prank calls as legitimate news. What, there isn’t enough happening in the Middle East right now to cover? Quick, someone see if Sarah Palin races outside after she hears her refrigerator is running! Grow up people.

The person responsible for the call is useless. Wow, they can use a telephone and lie to people, real great achievement there. They did an amazing job of getting the governor to not say anything of substance or incendiary off the record! Wow, give him a medal. I hear the Nobel is easy to come by. I would say this is a great moment to join the side of people who say blogging adds no value to journalism but the number of “journalists” racing around treating this like the greatest thing ever is astounding.

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