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White House Jay Carney Wants to “Spread The Sacrifice” Meaning The Wealth

Yesterday White House Press Secretary Jay Carney had something interesting to say about the administration’s view on what they think Americans want the government to do to fix the economy. He said:

They just want us to get something done that’s sensible, that spreads the sacrifice and spreads the prosperity that hopefully a significant deal will help produce.

Let me translate. The administration believes Americans want the government to raise taxes and essentially steal more to pay for wasteful government programs. Sound familiar? It is the same failed planned and philosophy that has been guiding this country toward ruin.

Now you may remember during the 2008 campaign then Senator Obama previewed for voters what he had planned for our economy by telling Joe the Plumber he wanted to “spread the wealth” around. It wreaked of the Marxist creed, “from each according to his ability, to each according to his need” and having lived through Obamanonics it was a far more accurate explanation of his policy than he gave during speeches and debates.

Now that our economy has sunk further into the brink and the President is once again trying to sound like a centrist for the 2012 election, one would expect the Obama administration would be tight-lipped about any plans to “spread the wealth” or the new coded word “sacrifice” when talking on camera. Sadly they actually seem to believe in this magic.

Here is a plan, how about the American people sacrifice the wasteful government pork and stop taking away the money of those who produce? Get government out of the market and it will spread prosperity just fine. Big government got us here, it won’t get us out.

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