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September 16th 1920: When Anarchists Occupied Wall Street

September 16, 1920 Bombing of Wall Street

Today a bunch of spoiled children are “occupying” Wall Street to spread socialism and air a disjointed hodgepodge of conflicting complaints and grievances. The anarchists and socialists of today, of course, have echoes of another time in American history when progressives and anarchists took their rage to the streets in often violent ways. Smithsonian.com has a recount of what was once the worst terrorist attach in history, the bombing of Wall Street on September 16th 1920 by anarchists who took 39 lives in while espousing anti-capitalist ideology.

It was one of many sad events that makeup the forgotten history of the progressive and labor movement. Check out the article. If you want more the episode and many others were chronicled in the amazing book, A Patriot’s History of the United States.

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