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Occupy Rochester Breaks Law, Achieves Nothing

Yes the great “occupy” movement of 2011 has come to Rochester New York bringing a crushing onslaught to capitalism and a unified message of “we support whatever and junk, hey where can I charge my iPad?” Actually it seems a bunch of washed up hippies and entitled college kids stayed up past my bed time and got arrested. Way to go Tea Party alternative.

Friday night a whopping thirty-two people or so assembled downtown at Washington Square Park. They stayed past 11pm breaking the law. They were arrested as the police told them they would be. The law was upheld equally to them as it would be for anyone else. Life is good.

Why does anyone care? They don’t, but the local media was working overtime on Twitter, Facebook and the Web to turn this into something. I am certain that if you add up all the reporters, photographers, videographers and staff writers reporting on this mess, you would have more media covering than protesters who showed up.

So to summarize. A few people tried to show they were a legitimate organization by getting arrested and the local media flocked. Way to go. Does anyone know why they were there or what they wanted? No, but from what I can tell the same can be said about the people who show up to all of these “occupy” excuses not to work. So everything is as it should be.

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