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Still Against the State of the Union Address

Last year I wrote about the hoopla over seating at The President’s State of the Union Address and discussed the reality that the address has become largely inconsequential. Last year President Obama devoted a great deal of time discussing how our nation should become less polarized. How did that work out?

I said then that “the SOTU has become the least influential moment of the president’s year” and I stand by it. There is little President Obama will say tonight that we haven’t already heard and little more that will actually come to pass. We have a lame duck president, a stalled Congress and an electorate far more interested in the Newt and Romney drama than in anything that will be said tonight. The theater with its pageantry will be a waste of taxpayers money and time and result in little that will solve our current problems.

The address is Constitutionally mandated but it doesn’t have to be delivered in person. Thomas Jefferson quickly ended that tradition choosing instead to write it down. His tradition continued until Woodrow Wilson revived the notion that it should be a delivered speech. We’ve suffered through the increasing theatrics ever since.

I likely won’t watch the address tonight, choosing instead to plow through my DVR’s filled hard drive of reality TV and last nights GOP debate. Obama will talk about redistribution of wealth, people will clap when the president cuts to some invited guest who has triumphed over adversity, half the room will sit while the other stands during the rest. Seen it, done it, time to move on.

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