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Obama the Most Polarizing President Ever

Senator Obama Vs President Obama

Check out this story from the Washington Post using presidential polling to show Obama is the most polarizing president we’ve ever had. He beats out former title holder President George W. Bush. I bring this up not just to bash the president, which is fine too, but to make a note of something. The media LOVES to point to the leaders we embrace on the far right and scream about electability and their polarizing nature. That reasoning has dominated the 2012 primary and is driving the push behind Mitt Romney seen as the “electable” candidate.

What about the president’s polarizing nature though? Where are the calls to drop him from the ticket? Where is the outrage that this man ran on the idea of bringing the country closer together but has, in action, driven us further apart? The president uses divisive language at every turn, vilifies his opponents and refuses to accept compromise on a few small issues to push forward much larger legislation that most Americans and politicians from both sides agree with. Funny then that we are always the bad people who are polarized and trying to stop him.

The reality is, our nation has been moving in this direction for awhile now. Our politics are becoming more polarized as we see a larger division between what the grassroots members of each Party want and what is being delivered by elected officials. The far right and the far left are electing politicians more in-line with what we want because they are moving toward the center. To reach the base, each side is becoming more entrenched. As someone on the far right the more the President and Democrats align themselves with the far left, the more I will dislike them and fight back.

Pretty simple to figure out here. The shock is that much of the media, completely aligned with the President, are surprised that his agenda is pissing off so many people. Even more shocking? George W. Bush recieved his record breaking gap after being pummeled by the hour by ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC, CNN, Hollywood movies, television shows, publications like Time Magazine, the New York Times and so on and so on. Obama has skated through with amazing media attention and still is disliked by a large population of Americans. Quite the achievement.

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