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Obama Relection Campaign’s Michelle Propaganda Fluff

You really have to love the media’s consistency and not so veiled allegiances.

So for the first term of the Obama administration we have watched as the First Lady has shown empathy for us recession hit citizens by throwing lavish parties, wearing outrageously expensive designer clothes, taking lush vacations and essentially spending taxpayer money like it is water. All of this and eating calorie rich food at every stop while telling poor black children they are fat. What a wonderful First Lady! Maybe she will start an anti-ugly campaign in term two. Plastic surgery for ugly children! Oh even better, don’t you hate glasses? Me too. People would be so much more attractive without glasses. Laser eye surgery for all!

Now that it is election time it seems the Obama campaign knows it has to start pushing forward a much different vision of Michelle. Goodbye luxury and hello Target apparel. That’s right, forget all you’ve heard, Michelle loves shopping at Target! What a wonderful human being. MSNBC does government bidding so well, don’t they?

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