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Obama Won’t ‘Unilaterally Disarm’ Campaign Cash, Just Nukes

You really have to stand in astonishment at the nonsense that comes from the Obama administration. Yesterday there were two issues, seemingly separate, that tie together in a very interesting way.

The first involved nuclear weapons and a report from the AP that the Obama administration is considering basically scrapping our nuclear capability with an 80% reduction in arms. So you have to ask, what kind of international negotiations brought about this reduction? None. What concessions from countries like Russia and China were reached? None. The reduction could actually leave us with less warheads than China and comes with nothing more than the desire to disarm.

Speaking of disarming… Yesterday the Obama administration was also defending its outright flip-flop on Super PAC money. The president has been vehemently against this big “shadowy” money in politics. The challenge? His competitors have no problem with it. So as soon as it got a little difficult and he faced a challenge, Obama, as usual, caved on his principals and is now pouring massive amounts of energy into raising enormous sums. Nice.

What was his explanation? He said: “The challenge is we’ve got some of these super PACs that have pledged to spend up to half a billion dollars to try to buy this election and what I’ve said consistently is, we’re not going to just unilaterally disarm.” Why do you think they chose “unilaterally disarm” as the language to frame this debate? Just random happenstance? He employs an awful lot of people on his communications team for that.

The administration started this defense on February 7th when his campaign and now suddenly disarmament of our military capability is being leaked by the Pentagon which said Obama requested it but is now walking back and saying he personally has no idea about their recommendations. Though they seemed compelled, by magic perhaps, to leak it. Interesting.

The administration is essentially re-framing both arguments, projecting that he is a tough fighter who would never disarm and be defenseless and that is why he must now hypocritically toss aside what was a stated belief and accept an enormous amount of money to be reelected. Will it work? Just take a look at the media coverage in just the last few hours.

On Obama’s plans to mothball our nuclear capability from CBS:

Even the most modest option now under consideration would be an historic and politically bold disarmament step in a presidential election year, although the plan is in line with President Barack Obama’s 2009 pledge to pursue the elimination of nuclear weapons.

From Time blog:

Certain circles will scream it’s unilateral disarmament. But it seems plenty for everyday MADness. It might even bring back those heady days of 1991 when presidents George W. Bush and Mikhail Gorbachev were scrapping nuclear weapons wholesale, and it seemed like there really might be a new world order.

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