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Food Stamp Radio Ad Pushes Healthy Eating for Seniors

You really have to love how our government not only flushes away money on wasteful social programs, they also waste more of it advertising them. Here is the latest in a long string of radio ads for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program or SNAP which is the new doublespeak for food stamps. This ad, targeted at seniors, touts the benefits of “healthy eating” that can be achieved if seniors sign up for some government cheese. How lovely.

You can hear the radio ad in this FOX News segment:


MARGIE: I love taking my grandkids to the park. But if I want to keep up with those little bundles of energy, I have to stay healthy and eat right. And that can be a real challenge…(9)
GRANDKIDS:[Calling from a distance] Come on grandma! (1)
MARGIE:But that’s where SNAP comes in. SNAP is the new name for the federal Food Stamp Program. (5)
MARGIE:It helps me eat right when money’s tight, like when I have bills and doctor visits to pay for. With SNAP, I get a card to buy all sorts of foods, including fruits and vegetables. (11)
MARGIE:Getting help from SNAP is based on income and other expenses. And for most Seniors like myself, the benefit is enough to make a real difference. (7.5)
FEMALE ANNCR:If you or someone you know has low income, you may be eligible for nutrition assistance from SNAP. Call 919-334-1224 for a free information packet. That’s 919-334-1224. 919-334-1224. (19)

SNAP. Putting healthy food within reach. (3)


FEMALE ANNCR:A message from USDA. (2)

You can find all of these taxpayer funded radio ads on the United States Department of Agricultures Web site.

Is this really what our money should be going to?

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