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Majority of Hybrid Car Owners Dissatisfied, Will Not Purchase Again

Hippy Hybrid Car in GreenHybrid cars are already a shrinking segment of the auto market, declining from 2.8% in 2008 to just 2.4% today. Now a study by R.L. Polk & Co. shows that of that small percentage of hybrid car owners, just 35% would choose hybrid for their next purchase (25% if you take out Prius owners). So 65% of the market that already exists says it won’t return.

What is driving this dissatisfaction? From the LA Times:

“The lineup of alternate-drive vehicles and their premium price points just aren’t appealing enough to consumers to give the segment the momentum it once anticipated, especially given the growing strength of fuel economy among compact and midsize competitors,” said Lacey Plache, Edmunds.com chief economist.

To put another way, the cars stink and they cost too much and awesome cars people love are getting better every day. Shocker.

An enormous amount of public time and money has gone into promoting these cars. The reality is the public doesn’t want them, especially not at the price it costs to produce them. Meanwhile it is amazing how overrepresented that 2.4% is in popular media as liberal Hollywood does their best to cram hybrid and battery cars into every production.

Add hybrid cars to the list of things American’s don’t want to pay for or use including light rail solar panels and windmills.

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