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Why Obama Campaign Named Their 1984 Moocher Julia

Life of Julia 1984

Yesterday I told you about the Obama campaign’s new fictional character Julia. She is a government moocher used to push that wholesome totalitarian ideal that Big Brother should be there to watch over us from cradle to grave using the power of the Nanny State. You may be wondering though, why is the character named Julia? There is an obvious but brilliantly subtle answer picked up by It’s Only Words.

Julia is of course one of the main characters in George Orwell’s dystopian vision of the future Nineteen Eighty-Four. She is an overzealous proponent of her government who rebels against its control through sexual liberation. Like any good slave she buckles under torture, repents and rekindles her love of big government.

Julia is an absolutely fitting name for a character pitching Obamanonics. The Life of Julia showcases Big Brother caring for Obama’s character throughout her whole life, warning that personal and financial freedom from the government will make her suffer.

The message is clear, you need government control in your life and Obama will provide it. Romney and Republicans won’t. The only thing missing in the story are some military drones to keep her from thinking twice about voting the wrong way.

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