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Chick-fil-A, Liberal Hate and Empty Publicity Antics

The lasting vision of the Occupy Wall Street movement will be that of aging hippies and iPad clad college students forming drum and chanting circles, between bouts of spreading disease and hiding repeat incidents of rape and child neglect, to protest the very capitalism that affords them the time, technology and freedom to protest it. Their “movement” spoke to a small minority of gated community liberals. Their audience largely consisting of college professors and some SUV driving soccer moms convinced they are environmentalists and that their masses of gray matter, tethered to bluetooth headsets, are somehow not owned by corporate marketing.

Contrasting the Occupy Wall Street movement this week were various factions of the right who turned out in support of a chicken restaurant chain and in opposition to the left. Sparking controversy, the head of Chick-fil-A stated his opinion on gay marriage, gaining universal scorn from liberals and an enormous amount of free advertising from the liberal media machine.

CEO Dan Cathy knew his customers much better than the left knows the American people. His supporters turned out to protest with dollar bills, his opposition with more antics. In response to the long lines of supporters voting with their wallets at chain locations, the left continued its Occupy shenanigans. One of their brilliant ideas? A “kiss-in” where supporters were urged to make coordinated displays of affection between random same-sex supporters of gay marriage. Obviously public fornication is a brilliant way to turn the minds of those arguing what they believe is sexual immorality, is being forced upon society.

This is exactly the kind of misguided, self-involved tactic we have come to expect from the left, which has no interest in winning hearts and minds, instead seeking to nuke opposition to their agenda anywhere they find it. Just like Occupy Wall Street, their tactics show they have no true interest in fighting for their stated cause. During the Occupy movements that was largely said to be about job creation. They fought that battle by not working, choosing to live in tents rather than spend time going on job interviews or gaining marketable skills. In this case the cause is supposed to be monogamy. If monogamy is the cause, how is it advanced by random sexual contact between strangers?

In a free society, a business owner has the right to set the values and mission of his business and state proudly what he believes. Google, Apple and Amazon are three companies that have expressed public support for gay marriage. Chic-fil-A is one of the few stating opposition. The responses to both are telling. Hate has been sent in large mass to the chicken chain, largely by populations who were never customers and never were going to be.

Hate was not sent in any large or coordinated form to the three massive technology companies who have given public support for gay marriage. I haven’t seen videos showing conservatives accosting the employees of those companies. Meanwhile I haven’t stopped using their products or called for a ban, nor will I. They are free to believe what they want.

I did see massive numbers of conservatives spread sorrow and praise for the loss and life of Steve Jobs, an open supporter of liberal causes. I would expect the same if tragedy occurred for Jeff Bezos, Larry Paige or Sergay Brim and their families.

I have heard many liberals share outrage that a CEO or a company would come out and take a public position on such a controversial issue, arguing it makes no business sense and ridiculing the idea that a corporation would be aligned with christianity. Not surprisingly these same people seem delighted to have the support of the aforementioned technology companies and applaud their taking of a stance. Likewise they love supporting any number of corporations devoted to the environment and the various wealth redistribution schemes pushed through legislation that comes with much of that support. Consistency is not as important to liberals as making any of their ends justify the means.

While most liberals are annoying, out-of-touch and soaked in contradiction, they do make our jobs easier. The more they join chanting circles, the more they seek publicity stunts over substance and the more they shy away from actually forming defensible positions that appeal to the majority of Americans, the more often our side will win. Recently the best ideas they hace come up with have centered around sitting in their own filth and taking on actions that are likely to spread disease among their ranks. Well played. I cannot wait to see the next brilliant form of “protest” that will spring forth from these diluted minds.

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