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Chris Christie is Fat, So is Hillary, Move On


If you haven’t heard the shocking news on CNN, MSNBC, FOX, the networks or your local affiliates then please let me break it to you here, NJ Governor Chris Christie is fat. Yes I will give you a moment to collect yourself.

This week the media has been in a frenzy to cover the horizontally challenged Governor’s waistline, even sprinkling in comments from a former White House doctor who shared her belief that the highly popular public figure could well be facing a major health scare at any possible moment. EVERYBODY PANIC! Sounds like a good reason not to reelect him to me!

Why does any of this matter? It doesn’t, beyond the fact that Christie is a Republican holding record high approval ratings in a Democrat stronghold. So rather than attack his ability to govern, why not attack his weight?

My take is this, Hillary Clinton is fat. So is Michelle Obama. Bring those points up and you are an evil and horrible person who hates women and minorities. Even though both Hillary and Michelle like talking about everyone else achieving a healthy weight, we are not allowed to bring up the fact that they are fat. Same with Oprah, who has somehow made herself a weight loss guru despite the fact that she keeps packing on pounds.

Do I care that Hillary and Michelle are fat? Hell no! It doesn’t matter how gigantic any of them are beyond the obvious hypocrisy they exude worrying about everyone else’s weight.

Our culture has reached a point of no return. We are heading for a cliff and the media is front and center driving our crazy short bus off of it by giving into the publics uninformed dares to drive faster. It doesn’t matter how fat a politician is, only if they are doing so on the public’s dime. This is the kind of cheap and lowbrow discussion you expect to find on Facebook and not the nightly news.

I just watched an election fought not on policy but on tax returns, binders full of women, Big Bird and taxpayers paying for college aged girls to have sex. So I am not thrilled watching the entire media establishment race to speculate on a sitting governor’s blood glucose level as if it has any bearing on the lives of voters or the security of the state he represents. If you actually care about this issue in any way then you are too stupid to vote and should consider sitting home every Election Day.

It doesn’t matter that Hillary Clinton is fat and it doesn’t matter that Chris Christie is either. The media bringing it up should be met with shame and ire by voters not tweets and Facebook posts that egg them on and ask for more.

I feel bad for the parents of every person sitting at a major media outlet as of late. The hard work they put in during their lives so they could send their children to journalism school was a gigantic waste of energy and money. I feel even worse for the kids growing up today, who watch this garbage thinking it represents what reporting should be. I don’t feel bad for all of us in the peanut gallery demanding more. We should be ashamed of ourselves.

Let me lay out a conversation that every editor, producer, anchor or even semi-disgruntled inexperienced intern should have had this week.

Person A: Hey there (insert name) did you see David Letterman poking fun at Chris Christie’s weight last night?

Person B: No, I was too busy working on a story about the genocide in the Sudan. Then I got distracted by breaking news about our nation’s growing drone program. I just have too many sources for these stories. It is hard to keep their detailed information straight. Why?

Person A: No reason. Someone tweeted about it but you know how worthless most tweets are. Anyway I am going to go work on that story about the budget sequestration. Excited to play with my federal budget spreadsheets and make detailed and informative charts!

Then after that conversation neither would have talked about Chris Christie’s weight ever again. That is a conversation between people who respect journalism and what it means to a civilization. People who don’t just join in with the mob mentality that is taking us all into the gutter.

Instead we get: “You’re darn right I saw it! Can we get the reaction from The Daily Show and lead with the story at six? Man the Daily show is a great source of information. Our jobs just keep getting easier!”

Yes Chris Christie is fat. No it does not matter. If you think it deserves even a second of attention on the “news” then maybe you should get your head examined and priorities straightened out.

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