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Snowden’s Nightmare Coming True, Pacified US Citizens Shrug off Domestic Spying

Writing in Politico Philip Ewing has a piece today in which he wonders if Edward Snowden’s worst nightmare hasn’t come true. Not the bad dream of being stuck in a Russian airport with no clear vision of his fate, but the hellish realization that he may have left his country for nothing as it appears the NSA program he brought to light isn’t going to change. Americans now know the government is spying on nearly every form of communication they send and sadly, the public at large doesn’t seem to care. Neither do our elected representatives.

I personally saw a glimmer of hope in the Tea Party movement a few years ago. It was a time when average American’s rose up against the horrible growth of big government and seemed to be sending a message to both parties that it was time to change. Since the movements decimation it was replaced, by the media, with Occupy Wall Street. A shameful call by citizens for more government oversight and control in our daily lives.

The sentiment of Occupy appears to be prevailing both in the Democrat and Republican Party. Listening to Republicans like Peter King and Lindsay Graham one can hear the demand that government coddle the public and rip through the Constitution in order to “protect” the people and bring “safety” to our lives. The population, largely pacified, have chosen to shrug when faced with questions about balancing liberty and security, choosing instead to embrace the idea that a loss of privacy and freedom is the price of feeling secure.

A very large contingent of liberals have embraced tyrannical government for the sense of economic security. Sadly a very large contingent of conservatives have embraced tyrannical government for the sense of military security. As a whole our nation has now driven far away from any sane balance between liberty and security and are approaching the abyss of tyranny. Too scared to face the fact that nature is wrought with insecurity and danger, we have chosen to use the government to sanitize our senses and brainwash us with the notion that we are safer for it.

The sad truth is that massive government intervention by an unprincipled people is incapable of providing true and lasting economic or military security. We are surrounded by ┬ástriking examples of what happens when our government grows to such largess. The targeting of conservatives by the IRS. Chaos in Libya, Syria and Egypt where we jump back and forth between backing establishments and terrorist rebels. Shovel-ready projects that never came to fruition but did cost taxpayers money. A health care overhaul destined to skyrocket health care costs. Solar energy companies that looted the public’s money. Just to name a few.

All of this and the people clamor for more.

It isn’t Snowden’s nightmare we now face. It is the nightmare of men like Jefferson, Jackson, Reagan, Orwell, Rand and others who warned what collectivism and government excess would bring.

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