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Nuclear Option Hypocricy on All Sides

It was just a few short years ago when the anti-filibuster movement known as the “nuclear option” was on the table for elected Republicans and Democrats were the ones screaming to uphold tradition. This week the sides officially switched and Harry Reid and the Democrats laid waste to a key check of presidential power.

I am sitting here watching power drunk liberals and hypocritical conservatives lay waste to one another. In all honesty the outrage I feel is against them both and not in support or rejection of either opinion.

When the winds change in the coming year or so and Democrats smell the whiff of an oncoming electoral defeat, they will race to change what they have done. At that moment elected Republicans will scream loudly in support of keeping their newfound majority power for the sake of putting through a Republican president’s judicial nominees.

Does anyone expect different? No, they do not.

I am for limited government and the ability for each branch to maintain systems of control over the other. In nearly every way those systems of control have been lost and each branch, acting as its own originator of unstoppable authority, is now running in a race to take command of our lives.

Reid and the democrats are drunk with power but a few short years ago so were many Republicans who proposed the same solution. Who decried the tactics of gridlock they are now using. Now that we are here both sides are destined to make fools of themselves by leaping to the opposing position when it benefits them. Principal be damned, these are the unfortunate people we have become.

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